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What we do

Arc Payroll Services offer specialized payroll services customized to suite your individual requirements.

Each solution can be modified for a basic service ,where we only process mandates, to a full house solution incorporating electronic reports, journal uploads, integration to your financial institution and assistance with 3rd part payments.

Market trends are showing that many businesses are evaluating the administration of their payrolls and have found that outsourcing their payroll is highly cost effective.

Benefits of Outsourcing

·         A comprehensive payroll solution.

·         Increased payroll controls and confidentiality.

·         Time saving and cost effective.

·         Localized and specialized payroll expertise.

·         Printing and distribution of confidential and customized payslips.

·         Providing customized management reports.

·         Statutory compliance with regards to the ITW 8, 10 and 10A tax year end returns.

Some of the advantages of outsourcing your services, as quoted by our clients include:

·         Using your existing payroll documentation.

·         Tailoring of output reports to match your financial requirements.

·         Flexibility of services to suit your needs.

·         Accommodating the clients’ individual requirements

Our outsourcing services are backed by our professionally trained staff, VIP Consultants and VIP Software which is constantly under review and updated in line with statutory obligations and according to the changing needs and expectations of our clients. This completely alleviates the onerous burden of ever changing legislation.

We provide a reliable and cost effective service, irrespective of the complexity of your salaries and related systems. By outsourcing the payroll service you have complete peace of mind that your employees are paid on time, every time, and are assured that your monthly and annual returns are submitted correctly.

We would conduct an in-depth analysis of your payroll requirements to ensure that you get exactly what you expect.


Our payroll solution would include the following:

·         We will receive clear and duly authorised written instructions from your authorised payroll controller, in the agreed formats, advising of any changes required to the payroll, including leave days and leave pay control.

·         Careful consideration must be given to the timing of the payroll input and deliverables (see below).

·         We will ensure that employees are correctly taxed on all earnings and benefits (such as motor vehicle, housing, utilities, school fees etc) as advised by yourselves.

·         We can advise on package structuring and assist in drafting staff employment contracts.

·         We will print confidential, sealed and personalised payslips for distribution to each employee. The payslips can also reflect the leave balances and overtime hours of each employee. It can also be customised to include your company Logo and a personalised company slogan or message to the staff.

·         We will prepare both standard and specialised reports from the payroll system in accordance with the specific requirements of your company i.e. the reports can be customised, and these reports can be provided in hard (paper) or soft (electronic) copy.

§  Copies of the reports and payslips may be transmitted for your records in such a manner that would allow for confidentiality and access.

§  The reports and payslips may be compresses using WinZip and the Zip file may carry a pre-determined password to unlock the file. The Zip file will then be e-mailed to the authorised payroll controller or submitted on a CD.

§  All soft copy reports are printed to Adobe and compressed using WinZip.

§  The reports and payslips may also be faxed to the authorised payroll controller at a designated time if that will be more convenient and secure.

§  The method of transmission depends on both the ease and convenience of the authorised payroll controller and per your company’s requirements.

·         We are able to prepare an electronic bank transfer instruction to enable the expedient electronic transfer of staff salaries. This is to be set up with the assistance of your Bank. The transfer may be encrypted for further security of your salary data, provided that your Bank offers such a service.

·         We will supply payment reports / remittance advice slips to support the payment of third parties and garnishee orders, for example, PAYE and pension deductions, medical aid subscriptions, funeral plan contributions, Bank loan deductions and mortgage payments etc, to facilitate the payment of the third parties.

Where required, these reports may be prepared in electronic format.


You will receive a deliverables pack each month including:

·         Sealed confidential laser printed payslips (these may be branded with your logo)

·         Hard and / or Soft copies of the payroll reports

·         Electronic Bank transfer list for the staff salaries

·         Reports for the payment of third parties e.g. PAYE, medical aid and pension etc

·         Soft and / or Hard copy payroll journal

Other value-added services that are available include:

·         Leave administration.

·         Customized reports in both electronic format (MS Excel) and hard copy.

·         Integration with your general and costing ledgers

§  We can prepare a manual payroll journal in an Excel spread sheet or an electronic payroll journal to allow for the payroll figures / data to be captured into your accounting package (VIP is fully compatible with Pastel, AccPac and most other accounting packages). 

§  The accuracy of the journal will depend on the general ledger codes assigned to each earning and deduction as provided by your accounts/finance department, and are based on the specifications as laid out by your accounts / finance departments – but within the parameters and capabilities of the VIP Payroll System.

·         Monthly preparation and submission of the Form ITW7A return for PAYE.

·         Annual preparation of Form ITW 8 and 10A certificates and ITW 10 Return.

Management responsibilities

The provision of payroll services by Arc (Pty) Ltd represents an outsourcing of certain business functions. Ultimate accountability and responsibility for the payroll remains with the managers and controllers of your company.

The authorised payroll controller of your company will ensure that Arc (Pty) Ltd receives clear and properly authorised in the agreed formats and layouts within the specified deadlines.


The fee structure is simply charge as you grow. We understand that each company has very different requirements and internal; processes. We pride ourselves to be able to provide cost effective pricing depending on the number of staff, 1 or 1 000,  to be paid and the nature of the deliverables and add on services.

Please contact us for a quotation

Tax Year End

We charge an annual fee, equivalent to one month’s processing fee to run the tax year end process, where we provide each employee with an ITW 8 tax certificate and prepare the ITW 10A schedule (of staff earnings and PAYE deducted) to be used by your company or tax advisor when preparing the ITW 10 Withholding Tax Return. 

Should you require that we prepare the Withholding tax returns for monthly PAYE and submit it with the PAYE cheque each month, for an additional fee. The returns and receipts will be maintained with your payroll file at our premises, and copies may be obtained upon demand.

Commencement date, parallel runs and take-on fees

Arc (Pty) Ltd is prepared to take-on the payroll at any date and at your convenience.

Arc (Pty) Ltd will levy a fee equivalent to 70% of one month’s processing fee to take-on the payroll data, including the correction / modification of your payroll and leave data.

The purpose for implementing a parallel run would be to align all of the following data:

·         Staff HR static information and bank details

·         Leave control  and leave days

·         Pay data (all current earnings and deductions)

·         Methods of calculation for medical aid, pension, union, funeral and  other computed rates

·         Journal codes

And to ensure that there is no delay in the payment of staff salaries during the take-on month.

A parallel run would be entirely at your discretion.

Payroll Deadlines

Your staff pay date may be set at any date as per your internal policies.

Arc requires 4 to 5 work days to process the payroll inputs and the Banks require 4 to 5 work days to process the salary transfers unless you utilise electronic banking, in which case 2 to 3 work days would be adequate. ARC Logo 60 light.gif

Text Box:

For example:

The normal pay date may be the 25th of each month unless the 25th falls on a Saturday or Sunday or Public holiday, in which case it will be set at the closest work day preceding the 25th.

The written or electronic and authorised mandates would have to be remitted to Arc (Pty) Ltd on or before the 12th of each month, and before the 12th should the 12th fall on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday (accordingly).

The reports, payslips and bank transfer would be remitted to your Payroll Controller on or before the 18th of the month, and before the 18th should the 18th fall on a Saturday or Sunday.

Any mandates received after the cut-off date should be set aside as a hold-over to be processed in the following month’s payroll run. 

Each year we submit a schedule of payroll deadlines to confirm the date we would expect the mandates and the staff pay date. This aid as a reminder and an excellent control for cut-offs.

Any significant payroll information (e.g. overtime, bonuses, increases etc) not ready at the cut-off date may be processed as an additional payroll run, and this will incur a double charge for that month.